Climb, jump and fly in Spider City

Welcome to Spider City

Put on your special gloves and climb the highest buildings. Reached the top? Time to fly down or jump to the next obstacle. 🕷️ From building to building, and from tree to tree. Feel like a true hero at Spider City! There is no movie or videogame that can top this. Are your ready for your Spider adventure?

This is what an adventure at Spider City looks like!

About Spider City

An adventure like
no other

Searching for a unique, active and fun activity? Spider City is the place to be! You will climb like you have never done before. This adventure is one of a kind and doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. Find out what makes Spider City special! 👇🏼

  • World first in the area of climbing technology
  • A play- and learning envorinment with a special story
  • Social Enterprise where making impact is the first priority

Review in de spotlight


'Hi everyone, my name is Ties. I was one of the first to ever climb in Spider City. This is truly a cool experience. You feel like a superhero, climbing with special gloves. When you climb to the top, you can fly down. It's quite scary at first, but once you've tried it you will never want to stop!'

Spider City Climber

Adventure for everyone

You can climb in Spider City if you are 6 years or older. There are different tracks and obstacles with varying levels of difficulty. This way you can choose how challenging you want to make your Spider adventure. Groups can also enjoy an adventure at Spider City. Want to know more about the options for groups?

Fun Forest Logo

Spider City is a social enterprise

Spider City is powered by Fun Forest, a social enterprise that creates learn- and workplaces for people with a distance to the labor market. Together our mission continues! The goal is to positively impact at least one hundred thousand lives by 2031! Are you curious about our mission and the impact we make?  We'd love to tell you more about it! 👇🏼

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Never miss anything again!

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